Deploy Your Static Website
Straight from your Dropbox

It's easy, fast and super affordable and free to start! Get online in minutes.

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How It Works

Step 1
Connect the StaticBox app to your Dropbox.
Step 2
Click "Create a Site" from your sites page.
Step 3
Name your site, give it a description on you're online!
Step 4
Place an index.html file in your Dropbox to change the homepage.

Forget GIT, SSH, SFTP...

Extremely intuitive control panel that allows you to easily deploy sites, domains and secure your sites with a Let's Encrypt certificate. All with just your Dropbox.

Safe & Secure

Your files and site contents are safe. We do not host any content from your Dropbox unless you manually put it in to your site folders. You can rest easy knowing your sites are safe and secure.

Super Sonic Fast

We employ Nginx to serve your static content. This is arguably one of the fastest web servers in existance. Your sites will be speedy with minimal loading times and no delays.

Free Let's Encrypt

We support Let's Encrypt and will issue them for free for any of your sites. Unsecure sites are a thing of the past.

Cloudflare CDN

We utilize Cloudflare as our DNS provider which offers exceptional latency and load times.

Runs on Nginx

In order to serve up your files to the web, you need a - yep you guessed it - webserver. Nginx provides a stable, reliable and screaming fast web server. Your website wont skip a beat.